Scrap Tires Pyrolysis Ushered in A Boom of Development


Scrap tire recycling is an important part of the recycling resources industry, and an important way to improve the quality of the ecological environment and achieve green and low-carbon development. In recent years, the amount of recycling and utilization of the scrap tire industry has increased. The scrap tire manufacture industry has been joined by more and more enterprises due to the good profits. Due to the impact of the epidemic and other factors, the demand for downstream product orders is low. However, manufacturer raw material cost continues to rise, manufacture profits are less, and manufacture enthusiasm becomes low. At the same time, tire pyrolysis project known as a new green way to reuse scrap tires is increasingly popular. Various manufacturers are springing up all over the country. Especially since the Spring Festival this year, under the influence of factors such as high inflation in major developed economies, geopolitical conflicts and the epidemic, the prices of commodity raw materials have increased significantly. Oil prices at home and abroad have soared, leading to a rapid rise in the price of tire oil which results in a significant increase in the profits of scrap tire pyrolysis and refinery projects.


The components of a tire are rubber, carbon black, steel wire and special additives. Tires are pyrolyzed to 45% oil, 12% steel wire and 30% carbon black. Tire oil is a kind of heavy oil, fuel oil, which can be obtained by tire pyrolysis. The density of the oil after pyrolysis is around 0.9 and the calorific value is around 10,000 calories. Tire oil can be used in cement plants, glass plants, ceramic plants, power plants, steel plants and boiler plants. Tire oil is widely used and has high calorific value, and is recognized by the market as its good economic benefits to enterprises.

With the rise of tire oil and carbon black prices, tire pyrolysis plants are gradually increasing. The source for small steel wire tires is getting tighter. Therefore, the demand is increasing day by day under better profits from tire pyrolysis. Under the shortage of supply, the purchase price of scrap big tires is also soaring. China has already reached the scrap life of more than 2 million vehicles every year, about 300 million scrap tires, and weighs more than 10 million tons. The government pays great attention to the scrap tire recycling and has been strengthening the promotion of scrap tire recycling treatment technology.

At present, the global energy and other raw material prices continue to rise, tire manufacture enterprises product prices continue to rise. The rise of new tires prices also affects the price of scrap tires and drives the market price of pyrolysis oil, pyrolysis carbon black, scrap steel to overall increase. Scrap tire pyrolysis raw materials compared to other chemical enterprises have the advantage of price. In the current environment of rising raw material prices, this advantage is being valued by more and more manufacturers of agricultural tires and low-speed tires.

Niutech Environment Technology Corporation continuous scrap tire (rubber) pyrolysis complete sets of equipment can achieve high efficiency, low consumption and long period of continuous and stable operation under the premise of safety and environmental protection. The pyrolysis plant has the technical characteristics of continuous and stable operation, wide material adaptability, low processing cost, intelligent automation, and outstanding environmental benefits. With the leading technology, the equipment won the “National Science and Technology Progress Award”. The equipment has been verified by long-term stable operation for more than ten years and brings good economic benefits to customers. Our equipment has been successfully applied in China, Germany, the US, the UK, Denmark, Brazil, Hungary, Turkey, Estonia, Iraq, India, Thailand and many other countries.



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