How To Better Dispose Of Plastic Waste?

If we want to overcome the challenges of plastic waste and pollution, we first need to raise awareness of waste plastics.

In the BBC documentary “Blue Planet II”, it described the harm of white pollution to the earth. In the documentary “Plastic Ocean”, a Balaenoptera brydei was dying and people found 6 square meters of plastic sheeting in its body later. Its digestive system was clogged, so it could not eat and died painfully.

Scientists estimate that more than five trillion pieces of plastic floating in the global ocean. Plastic pollution of the ocean is very serious. Not only a certain sea area but all global sea areas have serious plastic pollution.

As the global largest production of solid waste, today, more than 300 million tons of waste plastics are produced each year, of which less than 30% are recycled and most are landfilled or flow into the environment.

How to better manage plastic waste is related to the future of human and nature.

First, our attitudes and behaviors about plastic need to be changed, especially in our “disposable” culture. There are still many problems to overcome.

The use of disposable plastics facilitates our lives, but it also greatly increases the production of plastic waste. It is an important way to reduce plastic from the source by overcoming the drawbacks of “disposable culture” and reducing the use of disposable plastic products.

Second, the disposal of existing or upcoming plastic waste.

The difficult natural degradability of plastic makes its disposal a major challenge, and the usual methods of plastic recycling include physical recycling and chemical recycling. One disposal method is highlighted in Plastic Ocean —— “pyrolysis”.

The disposal of waste plastics by “pyrolysis” is based on the thermal instability of waste plastics. It can transfer the large molecule organics into gaseous, liquid and solid components with small relative molecular mass, of which the most important product is fuel oil under the condition of anaerobic or oxygen-poor and certain temperature.

Fuel oil can be used directly as fuel, can be further processed to produce diesel (instead of petroleum), and can also be processed into naphtha to make new plastics. It turns the environmental problems into valuable commodities. “Every 20 tons of waste plastic can produce 18000L of diesel.”(“Plastic Ocean”). Therefore, “pyrolysis” is highly recommended in the documentary.

A company from China has the right to speak about the “pyrolysis” technology of waste plastics. Niutech Environment Technology Corporation has been concentrating on the field of “pyrolysis” of waste plastics for more than 30 years and has independently developed an industrial continuous waste plastic pyrolysis line, which can produce fuel oil, solid fuel and NCG by decomposing single or mixed plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene more thoroughly. It achieves the resourceful, harmless and reduced disposal of waste plastics under the premise of safe, environmental protection and continuous and stable operation.

A municipal waste disposal base in Thailand has adopted Niutech’s pyrolysis technology and equipment to collect and sort waste plastics from municipal waste. These waste plastics can be pyrolyzed to produce fuel oil, which can be further processed into diesel and used as industrial raw materials. This kind of technology achieves the transformation from municipal waste to energy products and creates good economic and environmental benefits.

A waste plastics disposal project in Denmark, which further processes the liquid outputs to make new plastics. This project has received investment and approval from chemical giant BASF.

Niutech’s waste plastic pyrolysis technology and equipment can dispose the plastic products which are complex, hard to separate, the use of traditional physical recycling can not be eliminated, or with low performance and value after physical recycling. Its disposal rate can exceed 99% with low processing costs, high degree of resource recovery and good environmental benefits. Niutech’s technology and products have been recognized by customers in the US and the UK which will gradually land in the UK, the US and other countries in order to solve the long-troubled local white pollution problem.



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