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Ifat 2024


The 22nd Munich International Environmental Fair (IFAT 2024) is held from May 13 to May 17, at Messe München. As the world’s largest and one of the most important trade fairs in the environmental protection industry, IFAT 2024 attracted a total of 3,000 exhibitors from more than 60 countries, and more than 150,000 representatives of environmental protection enterprises, experts, and policy makers from all over the world participated in the exhibition. At B4/133, Niutech presents with the new generation of “The advanced environmental-protection industrial continuous waste polymers pyrolysis equipment”.

Niuytech pyrolysis to oil

The development direction of the world’s environmental protection field is to realize the recycling of organic waste and the construction of “waste-free cities” to promote high-quality sustainable development of the economy and environment through advanced environmental protection technology and complete equipment. Waste disposal and recycling companies prefer efficient, low-carbon and intelligent solutions. Following the “Global Waste Free” concept, Niutech has specialized in pyrolysis technology for 40 years, converting organic wastes into energy products with high economic value through advanced pyrolysis technology, complete equipment and operation services. Niutech’s pyrolysis technology provides global customers with highly efficient, low-carbon and intelligent integrated solutions, which can solve more than 80% of organic waste resource disposal problems, and has been maturely applied in the fields of organic solid wastes such as scrap tires, waste plastics, biomass, and domestic wastes; and organic hazardous wastes such as oil sludge, medical wastes, waste mineral oils, chemical waste salts, coal tar residues, and fly ashes. Niutech’s advanced pyrolysis technology and comprehensive application cases attracted a large number of visitors present for discussion.

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Niutech puts the international operation in the important position of enterprise management strategy, and the related products have passed the CE certification, TÜV certification, and ATEX certification. With the outstanding quality management system, leading equipment manufacturing capability, and localized customized service, Niutech’s products have been applied in dozens of countries such as Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Brazil, Hungary, Estonia, Iraq, India, Thailand, and won a good international reputation. For the German scrap tire project, based on customer’s requirements for intelligence, environmental protection and technical performance, Niutech carried out the optimization combination of “process + structure” through the self-developed non-coking technology, hot air tight technology, anti-polymerization technology, pyrolysis crucial elements optimal matching technology, and proprietary control technology to customize and launch the large disposal capacity continuous equipment with strong intelligent automation, high safety and environmental protection standard and suitable for large-scale commercial operation, helping customers achieve 24-hour automatic safe and stable operation, generating pyrolysis oil that can be used to produce high-performance chemical products, effectively reducing carbon emissions, and ensuring the realization of customers’ business objectives.

Niutech pyrolysis to oil

At the IFAT 2024, Niutech’s international sales engineers are introducing the functions, advantages and application cases of the “industrial continuous organic waste pyrolysis equipment” products to customers in details, and exploring efficient solutions for customers’ needs.


In the future, Niutech will continue to take “pyrolysis technology” as the core, adhering to the enterprise mission of “engaging technology to protect the environment, prospering a green future”, continuously expanding the breadth and depth of the application of the technology in the field of organic waste, enabling products with technology, serving customers with products, positively laying out the overseas market, and making a greater contribution to the world’s recycling economy through the constant innovation and iteration of the products.


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May 14th – May 17th

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Niutech pyrolysis to oil

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