Continuous Operation

Industrial continuous operation, large process quantity, high efficiency

EEA & EPA Standard

Emission comply with EEA standard in EU and EPA standard in USA

Reliable & Safety

Exclusive hot-air conceal technology, safe and stable

High Quality End Product

Exclusive anti-coking technology make sure Pyrolysis completely for high-end Pyrolysis product.


Niutech Environment Technology Corporation (stock code: 688309), honored the National Award for Science and Technology Progress, has been listed in Star Market of Shanghai Stock Exchange, and is a national high-tech enterprise focus on waste polymers pyrolysis technology R&D as well as equipment manufacture.


Niutech’s main business scope covers pyrolysis treatment for waste rubber, waste plastic, oily sludge, industrial sludge, waste oil, industrial waste salt, and oil sand resource recovery etc.


Niutech has developed the team of high-level scientific research strength, internationalized manufacturing capacity and professional engineering and sales service to facilitate diversified commercial cooperation models. Niutech pyrolysis technology and facilities have the advantages of low operation cost and intelligent automation to offer the customers with the integrated solutions for the reductive, harmless and recycling treatment of polymer wastes.


Case & Project