To Solve The Increasingly Serious Plastic Pollution By Pyrolysis Technology

The plastic appears in people’s life all the time, and is playing a role more and more important. While the plastic is in increasing use with convenience and progress brought to people, more and more plastic waste is produced. There was 300 million tons of plastic produced in the world in 2015.Since 1950, over 9.1 billion tons of plastic has been accumulatively produced. A report named “An analysis on global plastic mass production” from the magazine of American Association for the Advancement of Science, warns that according to the present condition, up to 2050, the waste plastic dropped in landfills and environment would have passed 130 billion tons.

A lot of waste plastics are processed currently by some methods such as landfill, burning, etc., which will still break and pollute the ecosystem with high treating risks and environmental stresses. Moreover, the plastic wastes flowing into the sea is also becoming a huge threat.

In 2010, up to 12 million tons of plastic wastes flowed into the sea. That’s a truckload of plastic waste is dumped into the sea every minute. 3400 coca-cola bottles are dropped every minute. 

Up to now, there are more than 5 trillion plastic pieces in the sea, means they can orbit the earth more than 400 times. These plastic wastes are breaking the entire ecosystem, killing millions of animals annually. They can also appear in the food chains in form of microplastics, plastic pieces and so on, enter into the drinking water and dinning-table, seriously threatening human health.

At present, the recycling rate of plastic wastes worldwide is extremely low, the recycling and treatment are applied only for the plastic products with single composition and high value. Associate processor and report co-editor from the department of engineering of Georgia University said: most plastic can not undergo meaningful biodegradation, so the plastic wastes produced by human-beings will be around us for hundreds or even thousands of years. The earth will eventually be surrounded by the garbage and will virtually become the garbage planet if the solution can not be found soon. To solve the “Garbage surrounding” problem, we have to engage from two perspectives, on the one hand, people should form a good environmental protection lifestyle, on the other hand, we have to rely on the advanced plastic pyrolysis processing technology to realize the green recycling of waste plastics.

In recent years, the plastic pyrolysis technology has been heavily focused on, it can effectively recover fuel oil, combustible gas and solid fuel through conversion to achieve maximum energy recovery and full reuse of waste plastics with high economic and environmental benefit. Compared with other plastic treating methods such as landfill, heat recycling, burning, pyrolysis technology holds some characters such as huge processing capacity, high effect as well as rare environmental pollution, which adapts more to the resources, harmless and reduction principle for waste processing. 


Pyrolysis technology represents the important direction for waste plastic resources processing. The industrial continuous plastic low-temperature pyrolysis technology independently researched and developed by Niutech has won the highest honor in the science and technology circle in China–National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. It has been proved to be the industrial continuous plastic pyrolysis equipment in nearly 100% usage of waste plastic resources without secondary pollution under stable, safe and environmental friendly condition. The whole set of technical equipment has got the CE certification in EU, and the TUV certification in Germany as well as ATEX certification. As the excellent fruit of science and technology for ecosystem guarding, it has already been installed and applied in a number of countries such as China, Germany, USA, UK, Denmark, Brazil, Hungary, Turkey, Estonia, Iraq, India and Thailand.



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    Hi – How much to setup a small pyrolysis Waste Plastic to Jet Fuel or other fuels plant. Will this plant take any type of plastic eg Pet, HDPE etc or mixed plastic?

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