Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Sovles Waste Plastic Pollution In Ocean

“Animal world” invaded by waste plastics, “white pollution” to be solved urgently.

(Photo is taken by THOMAS P.PESCHAK, National Geographic image collection)

In the Aden Gulf near Yemen, one whale shark is swimming near the plastic. Although whale sharks are the biggest marine fish, they are still living under the threat of ingesting small amounts of plastic.

A pair of curious rhesus monkeys are playing with a waste plastic bottle outside the Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Plastic is just invented a century ago, and half amount of the total plastic produced is generated within the last 15 years. However, the plastic wastes are already all of the places and invade the living surrounding of global animals. After the Second World War, thousands types of new plastics are produced and developed at the tremendous speed, and change the way we lived today. Simultaneously, plastics play an important role in changing medical science, making space travel possible, reducing the weight of automobiles and aircrafts for fuel saving and pollution mitigation, and saving lives through helmets, incubators and clean drinking water equipment.

However, the convenience of plastic gives the birth to throw-away culture, which reveals the dark side of this material: Single-use plastics account for 40% of annual plastic production. There are many products such as plastic bags and food packaging materials of which the useful lifetime is only a few minutes or a few hours but the waste lifetime in the environment is hundreds of years. Ocean is the last sink of the planet. Every year millions tons of plastic wastes enter the ocean from the coastal states, which means there are five garbage bag full of rubbish on each foot of global coastlines.

If no effective measure is taken, there will be double amount of plastic wastes up to 23 million to 37 million tons entering the water ecosystem, which will seriously affect the survival of marine life.

The WTO members are taking action to support international society to reduce and eliminate plastic products by promoting ministerial dialogue and adjusting trade policy to reduce plastic pollution.

At fifth resumed session of the United Nations Environment Assembly this year, the UN members agree to make one international agreement with legally binding for preventing plastic pollution.

Among the current 4 main waste plastic treatment methods, landfill, incineration, physical recycling and chemical recycling, the chemical recycling is the most scientifically reasonable and environmentally friendly method.

The plastics produced from waste plastic chemical recycling have the same featured performance and safety guarantee as virgin plastics, which is the good way to achieve the high value added disposal of plastic wastes.

Niutech industrial continuous waste plastic pyrolysis process proposal

Industrial continuous waste plastic pyrolysis production line independently developed by Niutech can completely decompose single type or mixed plastics such as PP PE and PS etc. to produce fuel oil, solid fuel and non-condensable combustible gas. The fuel oil can further process to produce new plastics. The performance of the produced new plastic is almost the same as virgin plastics and this treatment can greatly reduce the CO2 emission to realize harmless reduction treatment and high value resource utilization.

Niutech waste polymer pyrolysis solution is successfully operated in many domestic and overseas projects. Among them, Danish waste plastic treatment project got the investment and approval from global chemical giant BASF. The pyrolysis output is used to produce new plastic to realize the chemical recycling (from waste plastic to new plastic).

As indicated by many scientists and natural conservationists, it is important to stop plastic wastes entering rivers and oceans so as to solve “white pollution” in water, at the same time, clean existed plastic wastes in global water environment and improve waste management and recycling system.

Niutech focuses on pyrolysis area and insist on technology R&D to create one replicable and industrialized on a large scale solution for waste plastic treatment, in order to solve “white pollution” with the power of science and technology. No plastic in nature!


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