Environment is Changable As Long As You Work on it

From Grey Industry Waste Land to Green Entertainment Center

Ruhr District, achieved great contribute to the development of Germany Industry. This area contains huge coal resources, approximately 219 trillion tons, about 75% of Germany coal reserves. Among the huge reservation, nearly 22 trillion tons of coal, and 90% of entire Germany coal quantity, which able to mine. Relying on this advantage, Ruhr begin to become coal and steel manufacture center of Germany.

On 1922, one American came to Ruhr, he described Ruhr like countless siren horns like a giant fleet disappeared from the mist. It was covered by heavy mist at day time, yet shinning by thousands of furnace flames at night. Numbers of chimney reach to the sky, like those dead trees, and this image exactly shows human’s power at that time.

The above picture was Ruhr at old times, there is a city named Essen used to be a famous city. Coal from Essen have been transported to factories in Ruhr which have produced motor, agricultural machinery, vehicle, and the famous Krupp Cannon for Europe and even for the entire world.

By the procedure of Germany energy transition, the smoky and noise city has come to an end. From 1960s, government focused on business structure adjustment and city reform, these old chimneys and shaft has become into exhibition of this city’s old time glory and honor. On 2017, Essen was awarded by EU Environment Committee with the honor of Green Capital of EU, and Essen also trying to become Green Center from grey industry waste place.

The reconstruction of industrial sites in the open period is rare in the Ruhr area, and the transformation and utilization of the original industrial facilities is very common. “Essen has made an admirable effort to overcome the challenging industrial history and reshape its green future.” This is the EU Environment Council’s assessment of the transformation of Essen’s city.

Getting rid of the “grey” shadow is not easy for Essen. In addition to transforming the original industrial buildings, the restoration of water and environment is a greater challenge. Like other traditional industrial areas in the world, Essen is also facing problems such as high consumption of raw materials and energy, and serious pollution.

“In the 1970s, when I was a little boy, we cleaned the coal ash on the glass every morning,” recalls Essen resident Frank Martini.

“The coke factories that are everywhere are constantly smoking black smoke, the foundry is constantly discharging reddish-brown sewage, and the suspended particles floating in the air, so that everything in the outdoor is covered with a layer of black ash. White clothes to wear Going out, it will become gray in a short time.” A German writer described the scene at the time.

In the evaluation of Essen, the European Environment Council highlighted the transition of the Emscher River from sewers to natural rivers. In the past, the Emscher River was once a sewage river, and no one wanted to be close to the river and endure its taste. Since 1990, the Essen government has implemented the Emscher River Recovery Project to change the situation at the time.

After nearly 30 years of hard work, after spending 4.5 billion euros, it has returned to its natural state. The government has further planned to improve the wastewater treatment system, including reducing the emission of micro-pollutants and paying attention to the removal of chemical residues.

Since the 1960s, the environmental problems of the Emscher River have been criticized by the Essen government. Coal mining and steel refining also erode the water quality of the Emscher River. Now, the city is working hard to get rid of industrial coal dust. Riverside sunbathers sit on beach chairs, drink their beer, and watch casual people pass by.

This long transition is still going on, and although the environment has slowly recovered, it has not yet restored its economic strength. The economic growth rate below the German average and the unemployment rate above the German average make the local government face the challenges in the future.

At the meanwhile of the transformation of Ruhr, one of the Chinese enterprise began its way of Environment Protection Technology, aims to make this world a better place just as what Ruhr has done in these 30 years. Niutech Environment Technology Corporation has also finish its transformation, from one little factory to a world class Pyrolysis filed corporation. Now, Niutech stands at the east of China to look over the entire world, for Niutech will continue its own way of contributing for human living environment.

Niutech relying on its technological advantages in the field of polymer waste continuous low-temperature pyrolysis technology and equipment, combined with years of mature and stable engineering application practices, this system is characterized by the characteristics of oil sludge. Niutech have creatively apply industrial continuous low-temperature pyrolysis technology and equipment to harmless and resource-based treatment of oil sludge, totally without secondary pollution.

Niutech adhering to the concept of “innovation to building a green future”, we will implement the innovation-driven development strategy, the “industrial continuous oil-sludge harmless clean and efficient pyrolysis technology and equipment” contains outstanding innovation in the process of research and development.

Innovation is one of the most fundamental driving forces for the development of enterprises, and it is also a key support for obtaining core competitiveness. In the past 30 years, Niutech has been focusing on the research of solid waste recycling and resource treatment technologies and is in a leading position in the world. These scientific and technological achievements are based on the technological foundation of the National Science and Technology Progress Award and the application of technological innovation. Niutech will continue to insist on innovation, expand the application directions to meet market demands, and contribute its own strength to environmental governance at home and abroad.

With help of corporation like Niutech, more and more Ruhr will appear in every industrial area around the world, not only we can have a nice living surrounding, but also we can remember a glory age from the old industrial heritage, since without of it, we don’t have such improvement as we have done today.



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