Where Should Waste Tyre Finally Get ?

        As the car industry developed rapidly, more tires are required to fit the demand. At this situation, more waste tyre and old tyre generate from vehicles, from the year of 2008, there are more than billion tons of waste tyres until now. However, too much waste tyre are damaging the environment for waste tyre is hard to disposal, so that waste tyre disposal always been a hard issue for all over the world.

        Actually, waste tyre have great valuable resources, we only need one right way to extract these resouces from it. Pyrolysis technology is the ultimate process technology of not only waste tyre and other polymer waste, it have the advantage of massive quantity disposal, no secondary pollution and safty. Like waste tyre, we have take carbon black, fuel oil and steel through pyrolysis production line, completely change waste tyre into “black gold”.

        Niutech Environment Technology Corporation is the leading company in pyrolysis industry, holds more than 70 domestic and abroad patents, dedicate into pyrolysis field for more than 30 years. Its equipment have exported to many countries like Germany, Hungary, Estonia, Malaysia and Thailand and so on, which have been operated for more than 10 years safely. China government have award China National Progress Award for Science and Technology for Niutech’s achievement at R & D in pyrolysis technology.

       With pyrolysis tehcnology, waste tyre and waste plastic are no longer an issue for human kind, only need we push this technology and equipment together, to make this world a better place for our children.

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