Normal Pyrolysis Issue and Solutions

Normal Pyrolysis Issue and Solutions

One. Safety First

The first priority in Pyrolysis production is safe. Pyrolysis plant should away from living area, without any flammable and combustible material around. High voltage electricity line and communication line are needed for the construction and operation of entire plant. Fire resistance and anti-static devices also need to be installed for the Pyrolysis oil storage tank area.


Second. Anti-coking Technology

Waste tyre has the feature of bad heat conduction, easy to get coked in Pyrolysis oven with the temperature of 400 degree in the central area and 900 degree near the edge. Once the waste tyre are coking, the equipment must stop running to remove coke and carbon deposit, so that coking problem has always been a huge issue which is the  very reason why waste tyre Pyrolysis equipment cannot truly realize continuous operation in the Pyrolysis industry.


Three. Contaminate Control

Pyrolysis equipment has the procedure of pollution contain system; however, second pollution will happen if there is any omission occurred. Waste tyre Pyrolysis technology can produces combustible gas like Hydrogen, Methane and Ethylene, so that fire and electricity are highly forbidden near the Pyrolysis system. Meanwhile, air conceals protection measures also need to be enhanced to prevent any gas leaking. After Pyrolysis procedure, all the gas and waste air should go through purification system, only when waste air meets with environment standard can be discharged out.


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