Public Recognition of Several Pyrolysis Technology Applications in Terms of Environmental Protection

Pyrolysis is the procedure of chemical decomposition which converts feedstock into combustible gas, pyrolysis oil and solid output by utilizing high temperature under an oxygen-free or oxygen deficient environment. The principle of which is to apply thermal treatment to solid material that contains organic combustible substance under an oxygen-free condition, which breaks the bond of organic compounds and generates small molecular substance (gas phase and liquid phase) and solid residuals.

Pyrolysis and incineration are two completely different procedures, in which, incineration is exothermic, but pyrolysis is endothermic. Also incineration mainly produces carbon dioxide and water, however pyrolysis creates combustible low monocular compound: hydrogen, methane, carbon oxide as gas phase product, methanol, acetone, acetic acid, acetaldehyde and other organic matter as well as tar, solvent oil, liquid phase product and carbon char or carbon black as solid product. Thermal energy generated from incineration can be used for power generation as well as in heating water and producing steam at nearby area.

The principle of pyrolysis has been applied in industries for a really long time. People have already familiar with destructive distillation for woods and charcoal and all kinds of fuel oil generated from heavy oil pyrolysis, etc. But such principle being applied in environmental protection only in recent decades.

Pyrolysis technology utilized on processing scrap tires:

In this aspect, pyrolysis has been deemed as an ultimate way in scrap tire disposal. It solves scrap tires pollution meanwhile escalating a higher standard of resource recycling. It has completely replaced old ways of oil refining, mechanical ways of tire recycling technics, and it is also a creative way of industrial continuous scrap tire recycling technics. Nowadays, more and more continuous scrap tire pyrolysis plants keep on setting up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain all around the world, as well as those giants from rubber industry are investing and developing such business. The blowout growth of this industry is now on showing.

Pyrolysis technology utilized on processing oily sludge:

This technology has been utilized in oil farms and oilfield service companies, and it has become an unavoidable choice for large scaled oily sludge disposal projects. There is an increasing conflict in between dependency on crude oil and eco-system protection, which cannot be solved by traditional ways like landfill, accumulation, etc. Thus pyrolysis technology emerged at the right time. Since it can lower the cost for oily sludge disposal and minimized pollution to the environment as well in obtaining pyrolysis oil from the feedstock, so it can resolve the conflict precisely and is the best choice for petroleum enterprises.

Pyrolysis technology utilized on processing plastic waste:

Low valued plastics are the main factor in causing white pollution, and when those high valued material has drawn out from the plastic waste, what was left are those low valued plastics floating around in the ocean. Incinerating them would cause air pollution and blackening the sky. Pyrolysis technology has been wildly adopted by the developed countries in plastic waste disposal and has built many large scaled plastic waste pyrolysis projects as it can realize effective recycling and has no limitation on the types of plastic.

Technical difficulties of pyrolysis industry are keen to be resolved, in which Niutech has been engaging for over 3 decades and solved a number of problems plaguing the pyrolysis field, it has achieved continuous production and inner recycling of converting waste into energy. Niutech’s pyrolysis technology made large scaled production into realization, it also has been recognized and applied in dozens of countries all over the world.

Overall, pyrolysis method can be used in disposing municipal solid waste, oily sludge, industrial waste such as plastic waste, waste rubber, etc. The advantage of pyrolysis method is that it produces less waste gases and can deal with materials that are not suitable for incineration and landfill, also it converts waste into valuable resources and reducing secondary pollution from incineration.

In foreign countries, disposing solid waste by utilizing pyrolysis method has already reached a large scale in the industry, and it is also promising as in environmental protection for managing organic waste.


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