How to Convert Plastic Waste To Wealth?

Plastic waste is the most common type of waste in our lives. Because of the widespread use of plastic products, waste plastic has become the highest yield of solid waste around the world. We usually regard plastic pollution as “white pollution”.

Nowadays, white pollution has become a global problem. 9.2 billion tons of waste plastic was produced globally from 1950 to 2017, of that, about 7 billion tons has become plastic waste. Today, only about 9% of plastic waste is recycled, millions of tons of plastic waste are dumped into the environment. They were either landfilled or transported to stationary sites for incineration or dumping. Niutech has always been focusing on the development and manufacturing of waste polymer pyrolysis technology and equipment. It  makes  the  disposal  of  waste  plastics an important strategic component.


After more than 30 years of concentration and accumulation, Niutech has researched and developed the industrial continuous waste plastic pyrolysis production line by transforming plastic waste into valuable chemicals. It has achieved the great innovation of “turning plastic waste into wealth”.

This set of production line produces fuel oil, solid fuels and NCG through a more thorough decomposition of the PP, PE, PS and other single or mixed plastics. The fuel oil can be further processed to prepare new plastics which achieves waste plastics harmless, reduced disposal and high-value resource utilization.

Niutech’s waste polymer pyrolysis technology and equipment have been successfully applied to many projects in domestic and abroad. In a project in Thailand, high quality fuel fraction and combustible gas can be obtained from the collected household waste plastic by Niutech’s pyrolysis equipment. Diesel or refinery feedstock oil can be obtained through further processing.

The new plastics produced in the whole process have the same performance as the raw materials, which significantly reduces the consumption of oil and also greatly reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

A waste plastic disposal project in Denmark has also used Niutech’s waste plastic pyrolysis technology and equipment, the project has been invested and recognized by the global chemical giant BASF. The resulting pyrolysis products are reused to prepare new plastics which achieves the chemical recycling from waste plastics to new plastics.

This set of technology and equipment has been fully verified by the market, Niutech also decides to expand the business worldwide and accelerates the industrial application. In 2022, we have signed contracts with British and American customers and will implement projects in these two countries to provide strong technical support and solutions for local plastic pollution control. We create good economic benefits while achieving environmental governance.


“White pollution” is spreading all over the world. After the plastic enters into the water, it will not only pollute the water, also cause a great threat to the survival environment for many organisms. Niutech has been trying to solve the “white pollution” and transform plastic waste into wealth. Niutech’s technology and solutions are also gradually being popularized and recognized worldwide.  

We believe that with our joint efforts, plastic waste will be less and less and the “white pollution” will no longer be a problem of environmental pollution.

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