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Niutech Pyrolysis Technology Helps To Solve The “Black Pollution”


Driven by the concept of global carbon reduction and emission reduction, the economic structural transformation and upgrading and industrial adjustment are accelerating. More and more companies devote to this. When automobile industry is accelerating the “decarburization”, the demand of tire industry market has changed. It takes technological innovation as the starting point to promote industrial structural adjustment and optimization.

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Waste tires are difficult to degrade naturally because of rubber’s heat resistance, aging resistance, waterproofness, biodegradation resistance and mechanical damage resistance. As waste tires occupy land, impact the environment and easy to breed mosquitoes and cause fires, they are called “black pollution”.

Niutech Environment Technology Corporation is an environmental protection enterprise which focuses on pyrolysis technology research and development, equipment manufacturing and product sales. We achieve 100% utilization of waste tires through pyrolysis technology.

A waste tire can “become” recycled oil, green carbon black, steel wire and NCG through pyrolysis. We have achieved a complete disposal of waste tires, changed the “black pollution” to the “black gold”. According to the estimation, 11,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions can be decreased for every 10,000 tons of waste tires processed. Compared with the traditional disposal method such as tire retreading, recycled rubber manufacturing and renewable rubber powder, we can decrease carbon dioxide emissions significantly.

According to the estimation, every 100,000 tons of waste tires can “become” 45,000 tons of pyrolysis oil, 8000 tons of gas, 35,000 tons of carbon black and 12,000 tons of steel wires. At a time when crude oil prices are soaring and demand for carbon black and steel has increased significantly, it is undoubtedly a market opportunity.

However, more than 1 billion waste tires are produced worldwide each year which is a huge environment burden. It also is a large blue ocean market with a huge potential commercial value,.

Niutech has focused on and accumulated in the research and development of organic waste pyrolysis technology more than 30 years. Our self-developed industrial continuous scrap tire pyrolysis plant can thoroughly decompose the polymer in waste tires in order to restore it to the state of small molecules or monomers to produce fuel oil, carbon black and steel wires. Under the premise of safety, environmental protection, continuous and stable operation, we achieve the resourceful, harmless and reduction disposal of waste tires.

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Niutech’s equipment have been sold to Germany, the UK, the US, Hungary, Turkey, Estonia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Iraq and other countries. We have created great economic, environmental and social benefits and obtained consistent high praise from our customers.


waste tire pyrolysis in Germany

Germany waste tire treatment project means our equipment has met strict requirements of the EU in environmental protection, technical performance and other aspects.


waste tire pyrolysis in Hungary

Hungary waste tire treatment project is funded by the EU and has obtained testing certification of the EU authorized organization in one time.

Niutech’s technology and equipment are not only applied to waste tire pyrolysis industry, we comprehensively promote it to the utilization of solid polymer waste and hazardous waste.

As an important “output place” and “leader” of cutting-edge technology in waste tire recycling disposal industry, Niutech is making the development of the enterprise more “green”, making the low-carbon and environmental protection industry more “new”, and making the application of science and technology and industrialization more “stronger” with a series of new age technologies.


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