What if Canada Had Spent $200bn on Wind Energy Instead of Oil?

What if Canada Had Spent $200bn on Wind Energy Instead of Oil?

 In explaining Canada’s decision to nationalize the controversial Trans Mountain pipeline for $4.5bn, Bill Morneau went hard on the economic argument. “Make no mistake,” the finance minister said. “This is an investment in Canada’s future.”

In fact, since 1999, more than $200bn has been invested into the Alberta oil sands for that future. But what if that cash had gone into wind energy instead?

Let’s compare

The result of this question now is clear according to environmental protection aspect. Clean energy such as solar energy, wind energy, earth thermal energy and so on will bring people enough power to live a normal life, despite industry special demand, also without any pollution and waste discharge.

Meanwhile, pyrolysis is one better process that turns waste into fuel energy and other product. However, Pyrolysis technology must completely mature, continuous and safety to operate so that waste could become valuable product. In this case, there is only one company have this technology and equipment in this world, Niutech Environment Technology Corporation. Niutech specialized in High Polymer Waste, such as waste tyre, waste plastic, oil sludge, waste oil, biomass, hazard waste and municipal sludge, Pyrolysis technology R&D, equipment manufacture and product sales. Truly realize harmless, reductive and resourceful utilize of waste disposal. Niutech now become the leading company in worldwide advanced environment protection industry. The industrial continuous waste tyre & waste plastic Pyrolysis production line, developed by Niutech, have completely independent intellectual property rights, also the only production line which have passed long term operation test. This equipment have gained CE certificate in EU and TUV certificate, totally comply EU environment standard. The domestic waste tyre Pyrolysis project with Niutech’s equipment is the only project listed in The Comprehensive Utilization of the Industry Access Conditions for Waste Tires; meanwhile, Hungary waste tyre Pyrolysis project became EU standard demonstration project.



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