Plastic in the Ocean More than Stars in the Milky Way

Do you know how much plastic is produced by humans every year?
The answer to this question is more than 350 million tons.
In this case, how many of them have directly entered the ocean?

The Pyramids of Giza are representatives of ancient Egypt.
That is, the big pyramid we often talk about.
However, the plastic we produced every year, enough to build more than 50 Giza pyramids

Although a lot of garbage sent to landfill, but there still 8 million tons of them have entered the ocean every year.
They continually meet in the ocean, form into the biggest Pacific Garbage Belt

How much garbage is floating in the Pacific garbage belt?
If you pick it up one by one, you have to make a total of 1.8 trillion pieces, which is 10 times the number of stars in the Milky Way.

With a total weight of 80,000 tons of garbage, equivalent to 3 Statues of Liberty and able to fill 100 Boeing 747 planes.

These wastes are not gathered together but are scattered and drifting.
The entire area adds up to 2 Texas
Japan’s land area is 378,000 square kilometers, however, pacific garbage belt is 3.7 times the size of Japan’s land area.

In the past 70 years, the scale of this garbage belt has been growing continuously. Meanwhile, it takes too long for them to be decomposed in the ocean, and it will continue to affect marine ecology for hundreds of years.

In another aspect, decomposition isn’t the end either, since some of the micro-plastic-particles already absorbed by marine organism and then enter human body with the food chain.

The waste we dump into the ocean finally return back to human beings. Shocking this kind of situation still continue all around the world. It is estimated that plastic garbage will more than fish in the ocean by the year of 2050.

Our environment shouldn’t like this and it can’t like this anymore.

Through billion years of destruction and evolution born our miracle planet and countless living creatures, human beings should not live as the master of this planet, we cannot let the ocean pay for our human’s selfishness.

Mother earth never needs rescue, but human beings.

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