waste tire pyrolysis plant

Niutech Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant: Convert Waste Tires Into Wealth


Waste tires are known as “black pollution”. There are more than hundreds of millions of waste tires and rubbers being discarded and incenerated every year, releasing a large number of hazardous substances and posing a serious threat to human health and environment. These hazardous substances are not only carcinogenic, but also dispersed to all corners of the world with the atmospheric circulation, bringing ecological disasters to the world. Furthermore, waste tires are difficult to degrade in the natural environment, which may trigger secondary disasters and bring great negative impacts on people’s lives and the ecological environment. At present, the scrap tires recycling and reuse are receiving common attention from countries all over the world.

Niutech Environment Technology Corporation, comes from China, is a company specializing in waste tire pyrolysis plant for sale and is a leading company in the international waste tire pyrolysis field. Through 39 years of continuous innovation, the application of waste tire pyrolysis technology and equipment has achieved impressive results. “NIUTECH® Waste Tire Pyrolysis Technology” can efficiently convert waste tires into fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire and other high-value products.


Now, the waste tire pyrolysis project of Niutech has not only been successfully operated in more than ten provinces and cities in China, but also been widely used and recognized globally, and become the supplier of waste tire pyrolysis technology and equipment for many first-tier developed countries in Europe and the United States.

So far, Niutech has become the first stock of pyrolysis industry in China’s SSE STAR Market, the winner of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. The leadership of Niutech dues to its R&D strength and innovation capacity. The company has a R&D team consisting of professional engineers and scientists, who are constantly exploring and improving tyre pyrolysis technology, upgrading the efficiency and stability of pyrolysis equipment. In addition, Niutech cooperates with well-known universities and research institutes to carry out scientific research projects, promoting the innovation and application of waste tire pyrolysis technology.

waste tire pyrolysis plant

“The core of NIUTECH® waste tire pyrolysis technology is the waste tire pyrolysis equipment and integrated solution independently developed by Niutech. Customers build waste tire pyrolysis plants to achieve efficient treatment and resource utilization of waste tires. Whole equipment adopts full-closed technology, with 24-hour continuous feeding, continuous discharging and continuous pyrolysis. The industrial continuous pyrolysis process has the advantages of large treatment capacity, good treatment effect, high environmental indicators and economic benefits. The pyrolysis products can be used not only as a renewable energy source, but also in the manufacture of new tires, rubber products and other high-value products.

Niutech adheres to promoto the “green, low carbon, clean and efficient” waste tire pyrolysis to the world. From dozens of actual projects around the world, compared with traditional incineration and landfill treatment, Niutech’s waste tire pyrolysis technology can achieve 100% resource utilization, making positive contributions to protecting the environment, reducing the waste of resources and lowering carbon emissions. Meanwhile, Niutech has strengthened cooperation with governments, enterprises and research institutions. Through training and project case sharing, the industrial continuous waste tire pyrolysis technology and green resource-based waste tire pyrolysis plant have found a practical, effective, safe and environmentally friendly path for waste tire recycling. Industrial continuous waste tire pyrolysis equipment is turning waste tire pollution into wealth.


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