scrap tire recycling

Development and Application of Scrap Tire Pyrolysis

With the acceleration of urbanization and the rapid growth of car ownership, scrap tires have become a problem for urban environment and resource utilization. A large number of scrap tires cause serious accumulation and improper disposal, which is harmful to the environment and human health. Therefore, scrap tire treatment and reuse have become important issues in the global environmental protection field.

Scrap tire pyrolysis technology, as an effective treatment method for harmless, reduction and resourcefulness in tire disposal, plays an increasingly important role in scrap tire treatment and recycling.

scrap tire recycling

Scrap tire pyrolysis technology decomposes tires at high temperatures, and then through a series of chemical reactions, the various components (such as rubber, steel wire, carbon black, etc.) in tires are effectively separated out, thus realizing the recycling of organic and inorganic resources. It not only has the effect of environmental management and waste reduction, but also can produce high-value chemical products and clean energy.

The development of scrap tire pyrolysis technology has undergone a series of technical iterations and technological enhancements so far. The early pyrolysis process had disadvantages such as slow treatment speed, high reaction temperature and unstable products. However, with the progress of technology and the increasing demand for environmental protection and sustainable development, the pyrolysis technology began to be gradually improved. In response to the defects of early technology, parameters such as pyrolysis reaction temperature and time have been controlled, product purity and stability have been greatly improved, and the gas discharged from pyrolysis have been effectively treated to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

Nowadays, scrap tire pyrolysis technology has become one of the important directions in the waste treatment industry. A large number of practices and applications have proved that scrap tire pyrolysis technology can not only solve the environmental problems generated by scrap tires, but also produce a series of high-energy and high-value-added products such as fuel oil, tire coke and steel wire. By recycling scrap tires, a low-carbon, high-efficiency and sustainable development method is formed. It can reduce the consumption of petroleum resources, relieve environmental pressure, develop a new type of clean energy economy, etc.

In this regard, the industrial continuous pyrolysis plant independently developed by Niutech is a more mature and advanced pyrolysis technology and equipment at present. The scrap tire pyrolysis equipment has high treatment efficiency and uses waste heat recycling technology, which makes the energy required for treatment much lower and can directly use its generated pyrolysis oil cycle to provide power for the equipment. It is the best solution available in terms of stability and processing costs. At present, this technology and equipment has been widely cooperated and applied in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, such as Europe and America, and is currently the more respected and recognized technology in the whole tire field.

Through continuous technology innovation and improvement, scrap tire pyrolysis technology is gradually becoming a green environmental protection technology, providing new ideas and new opportunities for the world’s green development. Facing the challenges of waste management, we should continue to strengthen technological innovation and continuously improve the technology level to make it better serve for economic construction and environmental protection.

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