Pyrolysis Technology Has Become The First Choice For Waste Tire Disposal

The traditional ways of waste tire treatment include landfill, incineration, local oil refining, etc. For a long time, because of the immaturity of waste tire treatment process, it causes serious secondary pollution to the environment. Pyrolysis process is a technology that completely converts waste tires into various reusable resources. After pyrolysis of waste tires, high value-added pyrolysis gas, pyrolysis oil, pyrolysis charcoal and steel wire can be obtained, which is currently the preferred method for recycling waste tires. It is considered to be one of the most economical and best ways to dispose of waste tires.

recently announced that it has developed a waste tire recycling program. By 2050, 0.6 million tons of waste tires will be recycled and reused every year. Therefore, 1.46 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced each year. Since tires are composites made of various raw materials such as rubber and steel, the process requirements for recycling and reuse are very strict, and the cost of recycling is also high. Therefore, more than 60% of waste tires are incinerated, and the recovered heat is used as energy for cement and paper factories, which increases a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

Bridgestone is committed to realizing the horizontal recycling of waste tires, regenerating them into raw materials for synthetic rubber, carbon black, butadiene and other chemical products. To solve this problem, Bridgestone will jointly develop a related technology called “precision thermal cracking chemical recovery” with oil supplier ENEOS. Synthetic rubber and carbon black raw materials that can be used in tire manufacturing are recovered from waste tires by thermal cracking into an oily state. They plan to build a production line with an annual output of 100,000 tons of waste tires by 2027-2030, and realize the commercialization of waste tire recycling after 2030.

waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Niutech has focused and accumulated more than 30 years in the research and development of organic waste pyrolysis technology. The self-developed industrial continuous waste tire pyrolysis production line can completely decompose the high molecular polymers in waste tires, making them Return to the state of small molecules or monomers to produce fuel oil, carbon black, and steel wire. This set of technologies and solutions has won many international certifications. Under the premise of safety, environmental protection, and continuous and stable operation, it can realize the recycling of waste tires. Harmless and reduced disposal. It has been sold to Germany, Denmark, Brazil, Hungary, Turkey, Estonia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Iraq and other countries, and has been purchased and cooperated by many large tire manufacturers and environmental protection enterprises.



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