100% Resource Utilization Method- Scrap Tire Pyrolysis

Scrap tire, also called “black pollution”, is a high volume of solid waste generated in today’s society. Scrap tires are generally composed with artificial rubber, natural rubber, steel wire, carbon black, etc., which are recyclable resources, so the scrap tires obtained from recycling can be used resourcefully.

Converting waste tires into cracked oil is called“waste tire refining”. It can achieve 100% resource utilization of waste tires by thermally decomposing organic substances, avoiding the emission of pollutants from conventional tire waste treatment such as combustion, pyrolysis of PAHs, VOCs, etc. Therefore pyrolysis method is considered as an environmentally friendly solution.

Pyrolysis technology can turn scrap tire into 45% pyro oil, 35% carbon black, 10% steel wire and 10% NCG. Whole pyrolysis process is environmental friendly and can generate high economic benefits. So far, it is the most effective treatment technology for waste tire recycling, which belongs to the field of circular economy and energy saving, represents the development direction of waste tire treatment today.

As China’s waste tire pyrolysis equipment supplier , industrial continuous waste tire pyrolysis production line is one of our waste pyrolysis production lines. Through a more thorough decomposition of polymer in waste tires, the output of fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire, in a safe, environmentally friendly, continuous and stable operation of the premise, to achieve the resource, harmless and reduced disposal of waste tires.

Pyrolysis gas is a non-condensable gas, the main component of which is methane, with small amounts of C2-C4 hydrocarbons and hydrogen, and its composition is similar to that of natural gas. The organic liquid obtained from cracking is regenerated oil. It is a mixture of regenerated oil containing gasoline fraction, diesel fraction and heavy oil, which is generally used as raw oil for refineries to extract base oil for gasoline and diesel components, or directly as fuel oil. The solid outputs are carbon black and steel wire. Carbon black can be used in the manufacture of inner ply of cord fabric rubber layer and inner lining rubber layer in bias rubber tires, etc. In addition, it can also be widely used in rubber products such as cables, tapes, seals, etc.

In the global environment of rising carbon black and crude oil prices, products such as carbon black, steel wire and recycled oil are all high-value commodities.  Niutech’s pyrolysis technology and equipment have been used in Germany, Hungary, Brazil, Denmark, Malaysia, Estonia, Turkey and many other countries, creating good environmental and economic benefits and gaining high praise from customers. So far, the pyrolysis machine has been more and more widely used in the treatment of waste tires around the world, becoming an important tool to eliminate “black pollution”.

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